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When Do I Hire A Licensed professional Tree Service Company?

As Soon As You Are Considering Any Sort of Tree Service Such As, Tree Planting, Tree Removal, Stump Removal Or Tree Trimming And You Want It Done Safely. And On Time. An Expert Arborist Can Make The Difference. We Work Hard and Give 100%. Our Goal Is to always exceed your tree service expectations. Our tree service estimate is the beginning of our understanding of what you expect. It’s a back and forth conversation that makes sure we are on the same page. We want to deliver the tree service you are proud of and will share with friends and family. Our focus is 100% on you and your trees and to deliver the tree service we promised. Don't let this (hiring an inexperienced Tree Company) happen to you: "Link to Tree Fails Page"

What Can I Expect hiring American Tree Company?

We Are Licensed & Insured With Over 30 Years Experience in the tree service industry. We give you a written estimate the day we come out. we then review your estimate in detail and explain the process. You will know what tree service we will be doing, how we will do it and what it will cost. We give our full attention by listening to everything you say to make sure we understand what you want and then deliver as promised... We have years of tree experience and our customers love our work. You can rest assured you Are hiring the right Licensed tree service Company for the job.

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Owner Matt Day About Half Finished With A Tree Removal

Tree Trimming

Keep Your Trees Healthy All Year Long

All of our tree trimming is according to ISA standards. We thin out and lace the branches to laterals, no abrasive tree trimming is needed. We turn your overgrown tree into a beautiful prize in your yard, to enjoy its shade and add beauty to your home. We strive to make your tree trimming project a pleasure. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, in fact it's 100% guaranteed. We want you to be able to confidently recommend us to your neighbors who call us when they need tree service.


Safe, No Damage Tree Removal

Expert tree removal is the name of the game. We take the time to remove your tree in the safest manner possible. No surprises here. We are a "No Damage Tree Service Company" and we take that seriously. We are also up front on what you, our customer, is looking at to have their tree removed. It can be a very tedious and dangerous job and we take all the worry off your shoulders, expertly removing your tree like so many others we have removed over our 30 years. We are licensed & insured for liability as well as workmen's compensation insurance (this may seem trivial but if something goes wrong it's critical. Always ask if your Tree Service Company Is Licensed & Insured and Carries Workmen's Compensation Insurance.

Stump Removal

Complete Stump Removal

You have come to the right tree service for stump removal! We can remove your stump completely. There are no surprises here either. We take the stump completely out and remove the major surface roots. No more tripping hazard, or the lawn being destroyed because of the roots all over the surface of the dirt. Plus, some trees will grow back if the stump removal was incomplete and didn't get the whole stump. We do a thorough stump removal because it is important to us to do it right the first time and not have to come back to fix it. That is how we work at American Tree Company.

Tree planting

Single Tree or an entire orchard

We have several nurseries that have hundreds of potted or boxed trees. Small 5 gallon to a big 48-inch box tree we can find for your tree planting project. We specialize in the 15-gallon trees. Easy to mobilize to jobs and the cost is reasonable. We take pride in all our tree service work and tree planting is special to us. We take time to build up a nice moat and make sure the tree is staked properly for the wind direction. We will call you when it's time to take off the tree stakes when your tree matures.

We Planted this 15 Gallon Pine Tree, Properly Staked for High Desert Winds, Moat Recommended for Watering

...and demolition too

We take pride in being tree service professionals who, apart from providing matchless tree removal and stump removal services, also provide demolition services. House Demolition, Building Demolition, Land Clearing and Grubbing.

We are a local demolition company specializing in single and 2 story demolition of any size building in Apple Valley and surrounding cities. We will demo the building & other job site assets to the bare earth when needed. We will leave the land rough graded & ready for use. 

Land Clearing
Sometimes a parcel or acreage does not have a building to demo but has a lot of debris accumulation. We remove all debris and ensure it gets disposed of properly. When your land has trees, well, of course we will take care to remove them too, if part of the land clearing. Your land will rough graded & ready for use. 

Junk Removal
With our land clearing and demolition services, we will also offer tree removal, stump removal, and junk removal services in Apple Valley, CA and surrounding cities. When we have finished, your junk will be hauled off to the correct facility & your land will be completely junk-free, rough graded, and ready for your next project.
House Demo

We will demo your entire home or what's left.

We are your reliable source for demolition whether you’re looking to clear out a residential or small commercial property, we’re the experts you can trust for jackhammer work, concrete/driveway removal, building demolition, junk removal and more.

Image of Demolition Of A House. We Do Demolition Work Too.
Land Clearing

City on your back? Clean up your empty lot.

Land cleared with leveled is how we will leave your property. Rest assured your property will be clean and ready for your next step. Whether you plan to build or just have a clean lot you can be proud of (and keep the city off your back), call us today!

Image of a Land Clearing Job We Did. We Do Land Clearing.

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