We just performed a tree trimming on this beautiful palm tree

Tree Trimming

"It's Important For Your Trees Health"

We follow ISA Guidelines for Tree Trimming

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We listen to our customers. We want to be sure we know exactly what you expect when we have finished trimming your tree. Your satisfaction is a key component to a successful tree trimming job. We are good at what we do and will share our knowledge if you like. Before we get started we take a look at your tree to get a handle on its overall health. Using ISA Standards (International Society of Arboriculture) and our years of experience and the right equipment we get to work. We combine what you want your tree to look like and what your tree needs to flourish. When we have finished your tree trimming you will have a beautiful tree where an overgrown and bushy tree once stood.

We Love trimming trees & have for 30 Years

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It’s important for us to let you know that we really love what we do. Trees have been my life since I was a kid. So rest assured the tree trimming we do for you will be the best we have to offer. That is true of every tree trimming job we do. It’s what's best for our customers and what's best for American Tree Company. We know that one unsatisfied customer is enough to create a problem for our company. It works out well for the both of us. We use our knowledge and experience to deliver the best customer experience we have to offer.

We have the equipment & knowledge to trim any size tree

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We regularly invest in the equipment we use for tree trimming. Proper equipment provides access to any size tree. Safety is always a concern and the proper equipment for Tree trimming is essential. Getting work done safely and quickly is important to keep costs down. With the right equipment we can move at a good pace without sacrificing safety. We provide for the safety of our tree trimmers and give you a price that fits your budget. There isn’t a tree we cannot trim safely at a fair price. You can Count on us.

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In business since 1997

"We only do quality work guaranteed"

" Our #1 Goal is Customer Satisfaction. We are here for the long term."

"There's no hidden charges that's our promise to you as a customer."

Our Tree Trimming Before & After

Fruitless Mulberry

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Fruitless Mulberry Tree

Palm Trees

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Single Palm Tree

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Pine Tree

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This Beautiful Tree Trimmed Perfectly

I think you'll agree the difference in the before and after pics is striking, right? count on us to do a great tree trimming for you. we listen to what you want for your trees. Then we take a look at the tree, much like a doctor would take a look at A patient. Every Tree is unique and needs It's own diagnosis. Once we have examined your trees we will let you know what they need to stay healthy and growing strong and what it will cost for us to Trim Them up. We will go over the estimate in detail to be sure we are about to do the tree trimming you expect. When you hire us to do the job your satisfaction and pleasant experience is our Number one priority.

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