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Considerations When Hiring a Tree Service Company

When you are new at hiring a tree company many people think it costs too much. Tree work does not have to be done regularly so you might have hired a tree service in the past, but it has been years and now the costs seem high compared to your experience. Looking at your own, more recent experience, might give you a hint as to why the quotes you received seem high. Think about today’s cost of fuel, cars, homes, food, and you soon realize tree experts had to raise their prices to keep up. It is that simple, but we will do a deeper dive and give you specific examples. So why do tree service company’s charge higher fees today than, say, 20 years ago.

Requirements of a Professional Tree service Company

Requirements of a professional Tree Expert: Experience & Knowledge, the 2 most important skills you are hiring when hiring a local tree service company. Here in California Tree Service Companies are required to be Licensed & Insured. Ask the company you are hiring for their Contractor’s License # and ask if they are insured. By hiring a licensed & insured tree service company you are taking all the responsibility off your shoulders and putting it where it belongs with the tree service company. Tree work can be dangerous and there is no substitute for the skill, knowledge & experience of a seasoned professional tree expert. 
Overhead and Direct Costs Impact The Estimate’s Price

Overhead & Direct Costs!!! The equipment required to provide professional tree service is expensive to maintain because the equipment is large. Engine components that could last decades in a family vehicle might require replacing twice a year. A transmission clutch is a significant wear part as it facilitates moving the heavy equipment down the road. Add to that the cost of auto & liability insurance, other maintenance like hydraulic line replacement, fuel costs, skilled employees and you quickly realize A Tree Service Company is complex and expensive to run. When you have a trusted tree service professional on your property that takes all the risk off your shoulders their value becomes clearer and perhaps worth the cost.   

Safety on The Job

No Damage, No Accident Tree Removal Taking pride in a tree job well done is fundamental to American Tree Company. No damage to any part of the clients landscaping or buildings located near where the work we are doing. Tree Services can be dangerous, and we take every precaution to protect our customer’s property and our workers safety. Our customer’s satisfaction is our #1 Priority. The means that the job must be do flawlessly as possible in a timely manner without sacrificing safety in anyway. I suppose we could cut corners but that is a bad idea and unethical. We earn every 5 Star Reviews we get. Please visit our: Reviews on Google and see for yourself. We have happy customer’s and that is because we deliver what we promise, safely and efficiently, that is our promise to our customer’s.   

Other Considerations 

Before dismissing the cost of the tree service work as too expensive you need think about what happens if you do nothing. Better yet, think about what could happen if your uncle Bill comes over with his chain saw and his buddies. Do you want to be responsible for what could happen? Check these “Tree Fails” and get real life examples of what has already happened to inexperienced homeowners and the tree service companies they hired. The reason you are considering a tree service company in the first place is because you are looking to improve your landscaping or looking to rid yourself of a potentially or already dangerous “Problem Tree”. Taking care of the trees on your property and improving the landscaping can add value to a home. Here is an article from The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA for Short) Explaining the relationship of good tree Care & Your homes value.  Considering you will have all the responsibility taken off your shoulders and you could improve the value of your property, hiring a professional tree Service Company Might look a bit more appealing, right? Safe work done by a professional and property values increasing over time. We at American Tree Company offer Free Estimates for all types of tree work. Call us at (530) 503-9000.

Tree Planting

Spring is almost here. The ground Is perfect for planting. If you have been following American Tree Company you know that properly planted trees, well maintained, can add real value to your home at resale. What does properly planted trees mean? It simply means that you have planted the proper trees for the landscaping you have. If you live in the city on a small lot with a small yard in front and back, you may not want to plant an Aleppo Pine that can grow taller than 60’ and be 20’ across. If, however, you live on, say an acre or so of land or more, that same tree will look lonely all by itself and you make want to plant 6 or 7 more pine trees. We are experts with a lot of tree planting experience, and we would be happy to give you an evaluation & free estimate if you want one of what it would take to be sure you have the right trees growing in your yard. What does well maintained trees mean? It means they are properly watered considering the environment of Southern California. The high desert for example can have some extremely dry or wet weather patterns. Adjusting the water schedule accordingly will ensure your trees get all the water they need when they need it. We can coach you about that and look at your existing watering schedule and give you our opinion of any tweaks you might want to consider. Healthy trees get the right amount of water and they can use there natural defenses against pests that might take over an underwatered, unhealthy tree. The occasional trimming is called for in many cases. Some varieties of trees have large leaves and always seemingly look pleasing to the eye. As experts we can determine whether or not your trees need trimming, and we will explain why. We have over 30 years of experience in the tree service industry and we are happy to share our knowledge with you as it applies to the trees you have on your property. Click here for 13 Suprising extras that add value to Homes, hint #11( Here is a short article about the value of large trees on your property(

Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Tree service company

5 Questions to ask the Tree Service Companies you are considering.
1) How long have you been in the tree service industry?
There is a lot of value in the lessons learned by OJT, on the job training. If a company has been in business only a few years, or less, then your property is part of their OJT. A seasoned company in business longer than 10 years has likely seen and dealt with anything you may have in the way of Tree Work issues. A company in business over 20 years has even more experiences to drawn on. So due your due diligence and simply ask, “How Long Have You Been in The Tree Service Business”.
2) May I see your contractor’s license?
The state of California requires contractor’s licenses for all businesses that perform professional service work like general contractors and yes Tree Service Companies fall under this requirement. It is important from a liability standpoint that you hire a licensed & insured contractor. Be sure to ask to see their contractor’s license. A Tree Service Company will have a D61 designation as opposed to a landscaper or general contractor which have different designation. The D61 specifically identifies a Tree Service Company that has met the California License Board requirements for a Tree Service Company. Any other designation like a general contractor C20 ora landscaper C27, etc. is a valid designation as a contractor but they may not have the expertise you need for the tree work you need done. Be sure to hire only a licensed Tree Service Company with at least 10 years’ experience to take care of your trees.
3) Do you have a copy of your Liability and Workers Compensation insurance?
A Tree Service Company that carries the required amounts of insurance to protect your home in the event of an unforeseen catastrophe takes the burden off your shoulders and places it on the shoulders of the professional Tree Service Company you are about to hire. In the event the Tree Service Company you hire does not have liability insurance the damages fall to you the homeowner. Here is a link to some sensational but true tragic events that have happened and were caught on video tape: Epic Tree Fails: Do not get caught holding the bag because you forgot to ask a few questions prior to hiring the right Tree Service Company.
4) How do I stay in contact with you?
If you are hiring a Tree Service Company that has multiple jobs going on the same day it is likely the boss, the person that gets the workers started on your tree work will leave your property to check on the other jobs under his charge. If so, and you have a question about anything, what is the best way to get in touch with him. Most tree work will be done the day your Tree Service Company shows up. A good company will have a written estimate you can use as a checklist. Each item should be covered by your chosen company with an explanation of how each one will be done and what you can expect your property to look like when the work is completed. If you are checking items off as they get done and daylight will soon be gone being able to contact the owner for an update is essential. Only he can answer questions like: Will you need to come back and finish up tomorrow, does his schedule allow him to come back tomorrow or is his plate full of previously scheduled jobs, whatever the question they all point back to being able to get the answers you need. A good tree company will be sure you have a written estimate you can refer to and a way to stay in contact with the person responsible for the workers.
5) What can I expect to see when all my tree work is finished.
This may seem like an unnecessary question because you know what you expect. Be sure to ask this question so there is ZERO MISUNDERSTANDING. Good Tree Service Companies are good communicators. They explain in detail what they will do and what you can expect your yard to look like when they are done. They will listen to you and answer all your questions before they start any work. They are the tree experts and have had this conversation with, perhaps, thousands of customers. So, they are good at anticipating your questions and know the questions you should be asking. They will cover these when they go over your estimate with you. If there are questions you still have, be sure to get them answered.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this list of 5 Things to Ask A Tree Service Company before hiring them, please Text Us at: (760) 503-9000. We will review all responses and you will see them on our site if we agree.

Professional Tree Stump Removal

When you're done with a tree or stump on your property, do you just cut it up and keep the pieces?  The answer to this question is no. If you have tree Stumps and want them removed, they should be removed by professionals who can handle them in a safe and efficient manner. This blog post will outline how to identify what type of service is needed and how to find the right company for the job.
Hiring a professional is an easier and safer way to get rid of your tree stump. Without proper equipment, knowledge, skills or experience it can be dangerous for you as well as those helping you. A cheaper solution may seem like an easy option but hiring someone with good reviews from customers will save both time and money in the long run. true professionals will give you a written estimate and you should not pay a penny more to remove your tree stump.

When you want to remove a tree stump, leave it in the hands of professional arborists. They know what they're doing and will use proper tools that ensure safe removal without putting your property or life at risk. Using equipment like saws and axes can be dangerous even for someone who has experience because there isn't an instruction manual with instructions on how to remove stumps safely."

A company's experience and years in the industry is a great indicator of whether or not they are professional. Furthermore, customer reviews, mentioned above, provide additional insight into how capable and competent a tree service company might be. It goes without saying that serious companies will invest money to purchase necessary equipment such as chippers, trucks/vehicles customized for their operations etc., which gives peace-of mind to customers who hire them.

In addition to removing your stump properly and safely the Tree Service Company you select should leave your yard with almost no indication a stump was ever there and, of course, all debris will be taken away. We recommend asking about this before hiring your tree service company and make sure you get a written estimate of the total cost. A Reliable tree service is happy to provide a written estimate.
Well you should be all set to select the right Tree Service Company to remove your stump.

Quick Review Of Key Indicators You Are Working With A Reliable Tree Service Company:
1) Years of Experience in the tree service business. Successful companies last the test of time.
2) Solid Reviews from past customer's who freely share how well the tree service company you selected     performed at their property.
3) Written Estimate
4) Newer Equipment Suited for the job at hand (stump removal in this case)

Tree Trimming In The Fall

here on the high desert of sunny southern california the weather has been beautiful. one day in the near future we will see the below freezing temps and, though absent for several years, the threat of snowfall heavy enough to affect the trees on your property you have ignored for the last several years. fall is a great time to take get the trimming done on those trees you have ignored since the last time it snowed. the reasons are many. For example:
Branches will be shedding leaves and a professional tree trimmer can tell if there is anything going on with your trees by the way they change color. also exposed, are dried & brittle & dead branches that can be easily seen and will snap and fall to the ground if they get loaded up with enough snow.

When considering tree trimming consider a professional that has the experience & knowledge to do the right trim on your trees. a professional that is licensed & insured. A professional with a lot of 5 star reviews. there is no substitute for experience gained over years of working in the tree service industry.

trees properly selected can increase the value of your property. it only makes sense to let a licensed & insured professional take care of them with the occasional trimming, Every 3 years or so is usually a good time to consider trimming your trees. trimming will help keep the balance and ensure your trees are not overloaded with branches causing your tree canopy to droop and look very untidy.

look no further than american tree service. call for a free estimate today.

Removing Large Stands Of Trees Like Windbreaks and Groves

We have the experience and knowledge to quickly and safely remove large stands of trees, windbreaks, groves, and clusters of naturally occurring trees on open land marked for development. We understand the challenges that come with tree removal projects of this size and scope.When it comes to tree removal, there are a few different scenarios that we commonly encounter. The first is large stands of trees, like windbreaks or groves. These can be challenging to remove because of their size and scope, but we have the experience and knowledge to get the job done quickly and safely. The second scenario is clusters of naturally occurring trees on open land that is now marked for development. These can be tricky to remove because of their location.The third scenario is when a tree is located in close proximity to a home or other structure. This can be dangerous if not handled properly, which is why it's important to call in the experts. We have the experience and knowledge to safely remove the tree without damaging your home or property. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote. We look forward to helping you with your next project! Thank you. -The Tree Removal Experts at American Tree Company  

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