Demolition & Lot Clearing By a licensed & insured demolition company. We got the expertise and equipment to handle any job at hand. We do building demolition, land clearing, house demolition, lot clearing, Grubbing And Junk Removal. Call us for a free estimate and learn the cost to demolish a house, concrete removal cost, land clearing cost even lot clearing cost. We will go over everything you want done and give you a free estimate for the demolition work needed. Lot clearing includes Concrete Removal, Junk Removal, Tree Removal, Stump Removal, House Demolition, Rubbish Removal, Brush & Debris Removal That Has Been Ignored and Now Must Go. Demolition includes demolition of houses and demolition of buildings no longer needed. When we are finished you lot or plot of land will be rough graded and ready for your next project.

Lot clearing, loading debris into container

Junk Removal

Have you been notified that a lot you own is out of compliance with city code enforcement? Have Tall weeds and other "Junk" that needs to be removed? no Worries Regardless of the complexity or simplicity we will Remove The Junk, all the junk, and leave a clean and level lot. you never have anything to do, we do it all. we Do Junk removal Only When We Are Clearing Land or Lot. We Do Not Remove Or Haul Away Single Items So Please Don't ask. Find A Handyman For that.  Call us For An estimate on lot clearing including junk removal.

House demolition front end loader

House Demolition

Did you just inherit a property that has a house or other building that needs to be Demolished? whether you have recently acquired a property or have been putting off the inevitable House demolition, give us a call today. We have the know how, Equipment and crew to safely and expertly demolish your house. when we are done your lot will be clean, flat and ready For Use for your next project. Call us today for a house demolition estimate.

Concrete Removal Clamp Bucket

Concrete Removal

Have an empty lot except for the concrete That is piled high? Need Concrete Removal in a big way? Is Code Enforcement a nagging Issue? We can handle the code enforcement and remove the concrete. When we are done with the concrete removal we will rough grade your lot so it's ready for Your next project. Don't let a perfectly good parcel of land sit idle because it's got a ton or two or three of concrete laying about. Call us today for a free concrete removal estimate.

Dirt Removal with Big Caterpillar Tractor

Dirt Removal Service

Regardless of the amount of dirt you need removed Our Dirt Removal Service has the expertise, equipment and man power to get the job done. We work efficiently to keep your costs down and relocate the dirt you want removed. You don't lift a finger we do all the work. As A Dirt removal service we will need access for our large equipment. let us know if access is an issue and why there is a good chance we have a solution. Call today to get a dirt removal estimate

Concrete & Asphalt Removal

Demolition Expert

If you have a property that still has useless Buildings, Barns & junk on it you may need a demolition expert. Someone with the equipment, manpower & expertise to remove all the dilapidated buildings, barns and "junk" from your property. We are demolition experts so you won't need to do a thing leave all the demolition to us. We Stay up to date On Rules & Regulations affecting the work we do for you, our customer's. Call to speak to a demolition expert today and get a free estimate.

Lot Clearing Finished Lot is Level & Ready

Land Clearing

Land clearing is different than lot clearing. The difference being the size of the land. We call it land clearing when the property is over an acre. Many of the land clearing jobs we do can run into 40 acres or more. No worries, regardless of the size of your property we have the experience, know how & equipment to get the job done on time and on budget. Give us a call for a land clearing estimate today.

Typical Lot Clean Up

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City Lot Rubbish Removal

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House Demolition

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Giving Our Customer His Yard Back

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Mother Nature Interrupts A Block Wall Project

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House Demolition & Lot Clearing

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