Large Tree Removal, Most Limbs Removed, Just One Big Limb Left and Then The Trunk Is The Last To Be Removed

Tree Removal

"We Will Safely Remove Any Size Tree"

We are a "No Damage tree removal Company"

and we take that seriously. Tree removal can be a very tedious job so we take all the worry off our customers. Having the experience and right equipment for the job is a big part of successful tree removals. There is more than one way to fell a tree and many times there are obstacles to avoid like fences, walls, a/c units, etc. So the tree must be removed one piece at a time. Rest assured you are hiring the right company that routinely handles very difficult tree removals. Show us the tree you want removed and we do the rest. Your only job is to enjoy the process and know that what we discussed and promised to do for you is what we deliver. If you want the stump removed we can do that too and we clean up after the job is complete.

how does the tree removal estimate process work?

For us it's important you get what you pay for. The estimate serves as a beginning to putting the tree removal process behind you. We’ll go over everything and talk about what you want and need to happen. Our estimate outlines exactly what we will do and the cost. This is the perfect time to bring up any questions or concerns so we can reassure you they will be handled properly at no extra cost. We promise to hustle and get your tree removed safely. Getting you back to your routine as quickly as possible. The price in the estimate is the price you pay, not a dime more.

Need a Tree removed and want professional help

If you decided that it’s better to have a professional remove your tree you have come to the right place? The biggest benefit of having a Tree Removal company remove your tree is you don’t have to do it. You are busy and taking the time and responsibility to remove a large tree seldom makes sense. We could go into our many years of experience or the knowledge we have acquired over those years but, by far, the best thing to do is schedule a free estimate. That is the first step in getting your tree removed. We review everything and leave no question unanswered. You will know if we are the right tree company for you. Then we get to work and work we do. At a good but safe clip so we don’t take up too much of your time. When we are done, we clean everything up, rake out, and leave just a small bump of wood chips where a mighty tree once stood.

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Tree Removal Before & After

Large Pine Removal

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Large Pine Tree Removal From Start To Finish

Aleppo Pine Tree & Stump Removal

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Aleppo Pine Tree Removal From Start To Finish

Large Tree Removal

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Large Tree Removal From Start To Finish

Tree Grown Into Chain Link Fence

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Row of Trees and Stumps Removed

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Two Pines Removed

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Tree Removal Videos

Here are a few videos and slideshows showing us removing a tree or set of trees. From setting up to complete tree removal. We perform hundreds of tree removals every year. Each tree removal job is uniques with it's own set of circumstances and issues. We are great listeners and make sure the tree work we do is what you want done. Don't let this happen to you "Tree Fail Videos"

Not all clients have us remove the stumps. This Customer did have us remove the stumps it's a homeowners personal choice. As an incentive we offer deep discounts on stump removal at the time we remove the tree. Because we are already there and "Set Up" we pass the savings on to our customers. Ask about the stump removal discount when you call for your free tree removal estimate.

As you can see from these Pictures and videos American Tree Company is well equipped to tackle tree removals large and small. We have been doing tree removal for 23 years and in the tree service Industry for over 30 years. Learning from the best tree trimming experts and Tree Climbers and Tree Removal specialists in the business. Rest assured that we can handle most any tree removal regardless of location or complexity. If for some reason we don't feel we can remove your tree safely we will let you know. when you get an estimate that means we can do the work. if it fits your budget we will get started and give you the result you are looking for. We always work safely and efficiently. you will always get the truth from us and we always deliver on the promises we make. we will leave your yard neat & clean. with just a stump or small mound as a reminder of the tree that once stood there.

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