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Why Hire A professional Tree Service to plant my trees?

Planting a tree in your yard will give you years of enjoyment. planting the proper size tree and variety of tree that will flourish in your yard will give years of enjoyment and can add thousands to the value of your home (Source from ISA Article on Tree Planting). Arborists are tree Service professionals that recommend Tree Varieties appropriate for a particular region or location. This overlooked step can mean the difference in Planting the right size and variety of trees that will mature nicely and add real value to your home or planting the wrong trees that will one day will need to be removed.  Tree planting is very satisfying because the results are immediate. You have a tree where there was only bare ground and now you have a beautiful addition to your landscape.

What size tree should I plant?

That will depend on whether you want to plant a single tree or group of trees. There are benefits to both stategies. Our favorite size tree to plant is the 15 gallon which comes in a multitude of varieties. They grow fast and develop strong root systems quickly. They don't take any special equipment to plant and are less likely to suffer transplant shock. Tree planting beautifies a landscape immediately and can be easily added to a drip irrigation or other watering system.

how fast will my 15 Gallon Trees Grow

The 15 Gallon Size Tree is One of the most common tree sizes installed (and our favorite). There is often A balance of budget and tree height that must be considered. 15 Gallon trees come in heights from 4' - 6' and are much less expensive than say a 48" Box tree that might cost three thousand dollars or more. Another reason to plant the smaller trees is that within a few short years they will have caught up in size to the Bigger box trees. the root systems of the smaller tree will be more extensive and better developed too. providing more stability, an important consideration with the winds we get here on the high desert. the key to planting smaller trees is in the desert is to stake them properly. so they withstand the high winds. The trunk on 15 gallons Trees are typically .5″ to 1.0″ depending on variety. So you get to watch them grow and mature and beautify your yard.

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Preparing Soil to Plant a 15 Gallon Pine
Preparing Soil To Plant a 15 Gallon Pine
15 Gallon Pine Tree Planted, Moat Watering
15 Gallon Pine Tree Planted, Moat Watering
15 Gallon Pine Watered in Moat
15 Gallon Pine Watered in Moat
Fruitless Mulberry Tree with Water Well Moat
15 Gallon Fruitless Mulberry, Moat

Tree Planting varieties that do well on the desert

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